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Our amazing Cryo Lifting Facial. See our before and after pictures


Before and after on the 40 year olds skin, fine lines are reduced, skin is brightened and clarified

Before and after on the 50 year old skin, Fine lines and heavier lines are reduced, Skin is much brighter and tone is increased around the jaw area.
The results of that course will last for 6-9 months. Just like botox but no needles!

  • One treatment will hydrate and Brighten
  • Three treatments are anti-ageing
  • Five treatments will give you the results you see in the photos.

This amazing treatment is now available in the salon for £60 per treatment or £260 for the lifting course of 5 treatments.


The Anti-Ageing Program Cryo

Restructurel by PIER AUGÉ …The first

non-surgical facelift.

Hp DNA and Hyaluronic Acid combination is a PIER AUGÉ’S EXCLUSIVE INNOVATION. This combination has been rewarded for its exceptional nature in 1984 by CNRS and ANVAR, the two highest French scientific authorities who described it as a real biological facelift.

Hp DNA is from molecular biology. Hp means Highly polymerised that is to say intact from the molecular point of view, which is essential to be effective and to transmit the basic information to the protein biosynthesis in the nucleus of the cell. This means that it helps to repair damaged skin cells so they re -grow looking brighter and so reduce fine lines and lift the skin. HP DNA is also an antioxidant and moisturises, protects against the short UV radiations and controls the sebaceous function. We have also seen amazing results on bags around the eyes, refined pores and lifting saggy jaw lines.

Hyaluronic Acid is the main component of the dermis basic substance that is how it ensures the connective tissue structure. Hyaluronic Acid absorbs 300 times its weight in water, it is one of the most powerful moisturizers. This means it plumps up the skin and brightens it, leaving it hyper soft and firm

Our Treatments

To find out more detailed information about our treatments please click here to view our brochure & price list. For further help please call on 01934 642299.

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