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For the Face GUINOT

For the Face GUINOT

Endowed with 40 years of experience in beauty care, Guinot has been able to observe that the effectiveness of a one-hour beauty treatment is incomparably more effective than merely applying cream or a serum.

It is thus, to the great benefit of women, that Guinot has entrusted its exclusive beauty care methods to beauty therapists, with treatments being administered within an exclusive network of beauty salons.

Hydradermie Youth £62

Hydradermie Age Logic £70

Hydradermie Lift  Express £52 / Course of 10 Hydradermie Lift £450

Hydradermie Lift Including massage and mask £60

Eye Logic £55


Available at Weston, Clevdon & Winscombe Salons. To find our contact details click here. We look forward to seeing you. 

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